S3 access issue in Milvus Standalone

Hey everyone i want to use milvus standalone along with s3 as the storage for that not my local disk storage.

As per the documentation, i have made the changes to milvus.yaml file and also I have made the volume changes to docker-compose.yml file, but still i am getting the below error

[WARN] [storage/minio_chunk_manager.go:79] ["failed to check blob bucket exist"] [bucket=test-datahouse] [requestID=1711E25E22B5CB50] [error="The Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records."]

For s3 authentication i am using use Iam True parameter, so i think we dont need to pass the access keys.

I just wanted to know if this is possible to use like this or not and if it’s possible then what specific changes are required in docker-compose file.

A quick update on this, I was able to run the Milvus standalone and cluster after creating the custom access key id but still not sure if its using s3 for data storage because there are no volumes that are getting created in s3, and also I am unable to find the volumes directory in my local instance where the Milvus is running.
Along with this, i am getting this error in logs:

[```ERROR] [grpcclient/client.go:140] ["failed to get client address"] [error="find no available querycoord, check querycoord state"]