Vector Podcast- a podcast on all things vector search!

If you are interested to know where vector search is taking us next, you might want to check out a Podcast called Vector Podcast where the host Dmitry Kan invites different experts in the field to talk about vector search.

In the latest episode, he invites Filip Haltmayer from the Miluvs team to share his insight. Watch the video here: Filip Haltmayer (Data Engineer, Ziliz) on Milvus vector database and working with clients - YouTube

Some covered topics:

  • What is vector search and what is Milvus?

  • Use cases: can you apply vector search equally to text, image/video and audio?

  • Test multiple ANN algorithms at once

  • Scaling the engine and the ML pipeline preceding it: Towhee

  • Why Milvus chose the open-source model

  • What does vector search field miss tactically and strategically today?

  • Filip’s announcement about Milvus